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CAJ Paralegal has been representing individuals in the criminal injuries tribunal for 18 years, we listen to your story.

We have had a success rate of 75%, not all cases are heard and not everyone is entitles to an award.

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Anyone injured as a result of violent crime in Ontario can apply.
This includes those hurt or affected while making an arrest or assisting a peace officer with law enforcement duties, or while trying to prevent a crime.

Violent crimes may include murder, attempted murder, firearm offences, poisoning, arson and other offences such as assault, sexual assault, domestic assault (e.g. abuse by a spouse/partner), child physical assault, child sexual abuse, etc.

The injuries may either be physical or psychological. However, the injuries must be more than merely transient or trifling in nature in order to be awarded compensation.
A person can also apply for compensation if he/she witnessed or came upon the scene of a crime that resulted in a death and meets the criteria for a finding of "mental or nervous shock."
Compensation may be awarded regardless of whether a person has been prosecuted or convicted of the offence giving rise to the injury or death. Accordingly, you may still be eligible for compensation if no charges were laid or if there was no conviction in a criminal proceeding.
If a victim/claimant is under the age of 18, or unable to manage his/her personal affairs, a legal guardian must make the application.
An application for compensation must be made within two years of the date of the incident. However, we can extend the two-year limitation period when it is warranted, but you will have to request such an extension and explain your reason(s) for the delay in the application form.

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