landlord tenant disputes

Landlord Tenant Disputes

CAJ Paralegal  have experienced,licence Paralegals covering the area of Landlord/Tenantissues. Our Paralegals are here to help answer  your questions, are you having a problem with a tenant- not paying their rent, causing damage to your property, illegal activity?  Speak to us today we can help you. 



Third Party Property Manager Alert! You Can’t Represent Anyone, At The LTB If You Are Not A Licence Paralegal .As Per The decision of the Court of Appeal called:  Law Society of Upper Canada v. Chiarelliandmay be found at 2014 ONCA 391, docket # C56952, This also includes Preparation of the forms, 

 CAJ Paralegal has been assisting Landlords for over 20 years, and give each and everyone of our clients hands on attention. 


Are you a Landlord? Are you having trouble with the following, non payment of rent, damage to your property, are your tenants conducting illegal activities? If you have answered yes to any of these questions..... give us a call we can help. For your peace of mind: 

Here is what we will do for you: 

We will Perform occupancy checks

We will draft, serve and prepare notices

We will prepare,file and serve Notices of Applications

We will respond to tenant disputes

We will attend hearing 

We will serve eviction notices to tenants

We will enforce Tribunal Orders in the Small Claims Court. 




We have received calls from Landlords asking me what steps need to be taken regarding their tenants not paying the rent?

So we have decided to post it here, first you must prepare an N4, which outlines the rent you claim the tenant owes you, and give them 14 days to pay, remember it is important to make sure this form is filled out correctly the dates the rent is due, amount owing and also the date when it must be paid, if it is wrong then the adjudicator will dismiss the application.  If on the 15 days the rent errors are not paid then you can prepare the L1 and submit it in the LTB, you will then receive a hearing date.

We know this all seems straightforward, but again, you could run into some issues if the tenant decides to rely on s. 82 issues, meaning repairs that have not been completed, or T2 issues such as Harassment, illegal entry. The tenant does not have to advise you prior to these issues. So, there are times they will be brought out the day of the hearing.

CAJ Paralegal has faced many of these kinds of issues, as many other Paralegals have, and have always been ready to address them.

Were not saying that you must have a Paralegal represent you, but there are some incidents where some have said they were lucky to have hired one.

At the hearing, you must prepare an L9 and submit it at the Hearing it tells the adjudicator when the tenant moved in and how much is owed at the day of the hearing if any further rent has come due and if interest has been paid on the last month’s rent if the tenant did pay last months rent.

The adjudicator will then ask you if there are any s. 83 issues which are whether to deny the eviction or grant the eviction.

We hope this answers your questions and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.